About Us | Great Family Food

La Bamba Mexican & Spanish Restaurants tell the story of the American Dream. In the early 1980s, the Molina Family humbly came from El Salvador to the United States with the dream of making a future for the family. In 1988 the hard work, diligence and dedication paid off as the first restaurant opened in Inverrary, Lauderhill, employing most of the 12 brothers and sisters of the Molina Family. The family grew even stronger as the siblings began to work together at this first location.

Today La Bamba has 6 locations, the largest of which seats 234 people. One brother works in the kitchen and one sibling in the dining room of each location. Because they are now spread out working at the 6 different locations, each of the family members has grown to appreciate one another more than ever, since they do not get to see each other every day.

This establishment has provided employment for many of the Molina children who enjoy careers in hospitality in the restaurant industry. It has been the desire of the Molina Family to honor God through these Restaurants as they recognize His hand in making La Bamba Mexican & Spanish Restaurants what it is today.

Together with passionate dedication from the Family, a fantastic hard working staff as well as loyal, supportive guests, La Bamba Mexican & Spanish Restaurants are a thriving entity providing great food in a fun family atmosphere to the citizens of South Florida.